DeBeau Danes

Gone But Not Forgotten
DeBeau Danes Chloe of Caz

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Cardiac Clear, CERF, Cause of Death: Bloat

My Dearest Chloe

You were my first Great Dane and together we "learned the ropes" in the show        
ring. Sometimes we literally tripped over those ropes but you were always willing to
give it another try.
You taught me about perseverance, patience, and trust.

As a puppy, you chewed more shoes (always mine) than I care to count.
You taught me about forgiveness.

As an adult, you were the alpha female of the pack as well as the guardian and
protector of our family and home. I could have relied on you to stand on any
intruder's chest while the males licked the villain's face to tears.
You taught me about loyalty.

As a dam, you were a devoted mother to your puppies. Your legacy lives on in
these puppies who are companions, show, obedience, and therapy dogs.
You taught me about unconditional love.

My sweet Chloe girl, you were the best teacher I ever had and
you will live forever in my heart.

Rest in peace.

DBD's Wind Beneath My Wings "Giselle"