We extend our most sincere
appreciation to all our Dane
Friends and Breeders who directly
or indirectly influenced and
supported us as we began our
breeding and show program.

Don and Kathy Barone
About Us
Our goal in breeding Great Danes is to produce healthy, top quality
dogs which conform to the breed standard in terms of desirable
physical and temperament traits. We strive to build life-long
relationships with every dog we produce, whether it is our next show
champion or our client's next best friend.
When I started looking for a Great Dane Puppy, I was
overwhelmed by all the choices. I spoke with several
breeders about their pups, and most of them just wanted
to know when I would come pick one up and then told me
what type of payment they accepted. But then, I spoke
with Kathy. She had questions for me about how ready I
was for a Dane Puppy, and about the type of living
environment I would provide for one of her pups. This
was what I was looking for -- a breeder that cared more for
her dogs than for the money!!
What I got in return was the best puppy I could imagine.
Kathy had provided excellent photos of Ollie but nothing
prepared me for what a beautiful and wonderful dog he's
now becoming. He has every trait a Dane should have, a
long lean body, a nice square head, those inquisitive
eyes...but best of all, he's got the perfect Dane
personality. He is sensitive and silly, respectful and
patient. And he makes me love him more every time I see
his cute little puppy face.
If you're reading this and interested in getting a Dane
puppy, you've already found the right  folks to work with.
Kathy and Don will go out of their way to make sure you
find the pup that's just right for you.

Julian Allen
Atlanta, GA