*Pups are introduced to their crates to make them comfortable in their traveling environment prior to
being flown.
*Newspapers are shredded and thickly layered into the crate. The newspaper is then covered with
a                     layer of shredded cedar. This adds comfort, absorbency, and keeps the pup dryer and
more                                  comfortable.
*Crates are clearly marked with both of our phone numbers in the event of an emergency or problem.
*The water tray is filled with water and then frozen. The pups can then lick at the ice while it slowly
melts.             This prevents the water from spilling and the pups having nothing to drink along the way.
*Your new puppy's food is packaged and taped to the crate. Airlines are given instructions to feed
the                  pup on long layovers. This will also give your new puppy the advantage of mixing of foods in
transition             to the food of your choice. (We recommend Eagle Pack).
*All crates are airline approved. There must be adequate room for the pup to stand and turn
around                      without space constraints.
*Pups fly Cargo. You are responsible for all costs associated with flying your new puppy. This
includes,             but is not limited to, Veterinarian health certificate (required by all animals), airline costs, the
cost of the              crate and any other incidentals that you may request. All of these costs must be paid prior
to shipping.              Delay of payment causing the puppy to fly later than 8 weeks of age will result in a
boarding charge to                be assessed along with the above mentioned charges.


*Pups must be 8 weeks old.
*A Health Certificate must accompany the pup and dated within 10 days of departure date.
*Temperatures must be within the range specified by the airlines (usually between 30 degrees and
85                  degrees).
*Airlines must have at least 24 hours notice when booking a flight.
*Crate must be airline approved and fit the dog correctly.

To learn more about Pet Travel, please visit Delta Airlines website.